20 May 2009


I found these pics today from Claire's birthday/Mother's day weekend, and thought they were so cute! Claire had so much fun with her cousins, Carson and Kerrigan. She and Kerrigan would run after each other and then fall down together. Audrey said she heard Kerrigan saying, "Where's my friend? Where's my friend?" when she was looking for Claire!

Plus they found these chairs that they were thrilled to carry around and sit in in different places.

And here's some pics of Claire playing with her second cousin, Katelyn. She hung out with us for a little while today while her mom got her hair cut. It's so handy having a playmate and fellow stay-at-home mom right down the street! Kim and I are just starting to take advantage of it.

When Kim first got here, Claire was still asleep (having thrown a wall-eyed fit before bed and going to sleep later than usual), so Katelyn and I were playing in the living room. I went in the next room to switch the laundry to the dryer. Listening for Katelyn's activity, I did NOT hear little feet pad into the next room; I heard a metallic clang and then a chorus of "What's that what's that what's that?" Katelyn had gone into Claire's room and was playing with her tea set! Claire woke up a little bumfuzzled, but was quickly running around and laughing with Katelyn. When Kim pulled up, Claire said, "Tatie, Kim, watch Dancing with the Stars?" HA! I had to tell her that sadly, DWTS is over for a few months!

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