06 August 2008

This girl loves fruit!

Yesterday Claire and I were in the fruit section at Wal-Mart and I was loading up for my tutti-fruiti hubby and daughter. I put a bag of nectarines in the cart and turned to get some plums, and when I turned around, Claire had gotten a nectarine out of the bag and taken two big bites! The tricky thing is, it's hard to tell her my standard "Yucky!" for something she shouldn't put in her mouth when she knows very well that was NOT yucky at all!
When we got home, she also succeeded in getting a bite of a plum, and then eating about 1/3 of it (the peel turns her off a bit), and then an entire Clementine orange, after first trying to take a bite out of it, peel and all.


Lissa said...

So opposite of Emma! She is getting to be such a big girl!

Dani said...

I cant believe how much she's grown..she just keeps getting more and more adorable!!