20 August 2008

Let's see if Elmo can pass...The Bookaneer Test!

This was so cute! You've gotta see when Tina Fey says..."The Bookaneer Test" and her two compadres go, "Oooooh, The Boookaneer Teee-eest!" AND when cute little puppy pirate accuses Alan of pandering to pirate stereotypes by saying a pirate's favorite letter in the alphabet is "Arrrr!" Hilarious!

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not so zen momma said...

You know we are deep into toddler world when we are both posting clips from Sesame Street.

Van loves Sesame Street. He can correctly name and identify Elmo, Cookie Monster and Ernie. I let him watch clips on Sesame Street's website, so every time he sees the laptop he asks for Elmo.