26 April 2008

Weekend Getaway

Jay, Claire, and I again made a journey to Oklahoma's Green Country for Oklahoma Today. This time, it was to Lago Vista Bed and Breakfast in Broken Bow. It was beautiful and relaxing, and one of the very few pet-friendly luxury accommodations in that area. It was only us and another couple and their Jack Russell.

We also visited the Broken Bow Lake spillway, which has been letting water out for several weeks now, and will continue for a few more. It's apparently in a very similar situation as Lake Texoma last year.

The owner of Lago Vista also owns a winery in Hochatown called Girls Gone Wine, so we went by there and tasted a few. You can actually make your own wine there, but we just tasted a couple of their 15 original flavors! It was a neat little place.

Don't worry, this is not Claire at the winery! She really liked the strawberry punch at Papa Poblano's!

Last, we visited one of Jay's subcontractors who lives near Boswell. His wife manages a huge ranch, the biggest wetlands in Oklahoma, actually, and they drove us all around the place in their Kubota. Really nice people, an enjoyable afternoon, and Jay got a place to hunt next year, and I got a fabulous brownie recipe (Ingredients include a half-dozen eggs, a pound and half of butter, and 2lbs chocolate? It's gotta be good!).

Four more weeks of school!


Emily said...

Yeah, I think I'm going to need that brownie recipe.

E & L said...

The brownies sound amazing!!
Claire's little smile is SO cute!! I love that scrunched up face.

Anonymous said...

Is Miss Claire wearing squeaky shoes?? Her shoes look just like ones we saw while in China! Aunt Neila

Kim said...

Yes Aunt Neila, those actually have Chinese words on the bottom, I think.

E & L said...


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Claire!!!!!
Holly :)