17 February 2008

Molten Lava Cakes, Becoming Jane, and belated V-day dinner!

Well, my lovely Valentine's Day evening fell flat when Jay came home early that day sick! He hit the couch at 4:30, fell asleep by 6:30, and didn't wake up the whole evening, even while I called out rave reviews of my molten lava cakes, dunked some strawberries in chocolate, and even made him some homemade chicken noodle soup! So I ate my romantic V-day desserts directly out the pan!

Friday night, Jay still didn't feel too well, so he let me watch his Valentine's gift to me, the movie Becoming Jane, which I LOVED! The perfect combination of my faves: period movie, smart heroine, and great script. Even though I know Jane doesn't get married, it was still suspenseful! Also beautiful, sweet, and inspiring. Ladies, watch it! Okay, I'm done.

Saturday, we got to eat a belated V-day dinner, as Paul and Diane bought us a couples dinner at Angus Pit Stop in Calera. You know that meal included a big slab of delicious meat! Claire was the only baby there, but she was very good.

Today was a long, lazy day, and I'm still refusing to do any work for this week at school! I know I'm going to have 100 papers to grade this week, so I'm giving myself a free night to anticipate a couple late nights this week. I keep somehow making all my classes have a paper due the same week! I've gotta stop that.

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Anonymous said...

I hear ya on the grading issue! I give every class 2 assignments a day! I tried grading all of them at the beginning of the year but luckily our school policy says that we only have to give 2 substantial grades a week (don't judge my choice of vocab there little missy..hehehe) so I throw out a LOT of papers and give a few participation grades a week as well as my actual grades. Must stink to be an English teacher and have to grade full blown papers..nanner nanner..hehehe. Have a great weekend! Dani