11 February 2008


Isn't this the funniest face ever? I don't know how she knows it's time to cheese, but when I get my camera out, she smiles like this! It is probably Claire's best trick right now!
She also gets very excited about drinking water sometimes. I think lifting her cup to her head like this is her signal that she wants to share. She thinks it's so funny when we pretend to take a drink out of her cup.


Anonymous said...

That's too cute!!! When Mattie was about 2 she would hear mom's camera come on and would start to make the same face!!
Holly :)

E & L said...

Hey! She's so sweet! This is a fun age...drink it up cause baby it's the good stuff! (I love that song...)
I wanted to tell you that I am in survival mode too. Even after 5 years...this is just a crazy time!
Isn't it so sweet to come home to Claire? I love going to pick Em up!!
PS...I made your Christmas cookies Valentine's version tonight! MMMM!
Miss ya chica.