14 February 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Don't look too closely at this picture; it's actually one from when Claire had a cold, and I believe she's got some snot coming out her nose (well, there, I just went and ruined it anyway!).
Anyway, Claire's first Valentine's Day has been just another day at Mawmaw's so far. I, on the other hand, have had a wild day! I had forgotten what a ridiculously big deal Valentine's Day is at school! TONS of balloons, flowers, and candy clogging up the hallways and kids racing around to see who got what. So silly!
I did a bell work activity that told the story of one of the legends of how Valentine's Day became a romantic holiday, so here's a fun fact for you: Legend has it that an early Medieval Roman emperor made marriages illegal for a while, because he was trying to build an army of young men undistracted by the indiscretion of love. Well, a Catholic priest named Valentine continued marrying young lovers in spite of the edict, but alas, he was found out and imprisoned. Of course, Valentine himself fell in love while in jail, with the jailer's daughter, to whom he wrote the very first valentine, a love letter marked "from your Valentine." Ahhh, how sweet! (My freshmen gave a class-wide groan instead after I related the story. Grrr!)
Jay has to work fish night at the restaurant, of course, so I'm making V-day desserts for us: Paula Deen molten lava chocolate cakes and choco-covered strawberries. If the cake turns out good, maybe I'll post it to Mauck Kitchen Adventures (maybe!).

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