23 September 2007

What's Claire doing?

She is:
  • Slapping the pages of hymn books during church.
  • Gumming on everything in sight, especially her fists. Sometimes she likes to stick both in her mouth at once.
  • Looking at board books.
  • Grabbing onto her feet when she's laying on her back.
  • Rubbing her face when she's tired.
  • Riding the four-wheeler with Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw.
  • Giggling when I toss her in the air.
  • Rolling all over the place.
  • Lifting her little bottom up in the air when she's on her tummy.
  • Scooting short distances by using the maneuver above .

I love my weekends with her, and I think she does, too. Whenever I pick her up after school, she always squints at me for a second, breaks into her big, open-mouthed grin, and starts kicking her legs in excitement. She makes every day sweet.


E & L said...

Doesn't it just make your day when you pick her up?? I LOVE that part!! Going back on Monday mornings (which is right now!) is always the hardest part of the week. I find myself working for the weekend on most days which I hate! Dad always says don't wish your life away...but it's hard not to wish for those weekends!

Kyle said...

as micheal says "I'm Worken for the week!" have that attitude!