15 September 2007

Barely hanging on..

Claire is becoming quite helpful! Here she is holding my Sonic Blast in the back seat of my mom's car when we went to Norman last weekend.

She's getting to where she laughs out loud quite often, but whenever I try to catch it, she becomes mesmerized by the orange light on my camera, and the smile melts away. Instead, I get this cross-eyed, slack-mouthed look.

I have no idea how I'm hanging on, but it's by a thread. Some days, my students get the short shrift, some days, my daughter does, but I can't seem to be my best for both at once. Working moms everywhere, I salute you!

I have some exciting news, though. I met with the editor and publisher of Oklahoma Today in Moore last weekend, and I might have a work-from-home position with the magazine next year. I don't feel like I should publish many more details online just yet, but I'm praying it works out. Teaching next year would probably be a lot easier than this year, just because I won't be doing as much lesson planning every night, but it won't get any easier to leave my daughter everyday.

Jay is still working long hours at the restaurant, especially this weekend, as it's the Kingston Striper Festival.

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Audrey said...

Yeah a post! She is looking big. I left you a message last week to chat but, I figured you are so swamped with everything. I was mostly just calling to check in with you but, sounds like things are pretty crazy. We'll be praying for the best situation for all of you to come along. Take Care!