03 July 2007

She speaks!

This clip is a bit long; it took Claire a minute to get tuned up. You'll hear me say that I've never heard her coo that long before, but since I filmed this on Sunday, she's started doing this everyday! It's amazing what changes and advances each day brings!

Hope everyone has a safe, fun Fourth of July! We'll probably have a soggy one down here. Lake Texoma is expected to go over the emergency spillway by Friday, the first time since 1990!

Other family news is that Ranger has miraculously recovered from what the vet said was a terminal case of mouth cancer! That's right, this dog just won't die. He's eaten a 2-lb bag of Halloween chocolate, been shot, and now been diagnosed with cancer, but he's as healthy a dad gum dog we've ever seen. When Jay first called the vet to ask about Ranger's condition--he was not eating because of a huge lump on the side of his mouth, beside his teeth--they said he probably had some sort of infection because of a bug bite. But then when Jay took him in, they immediately said it was cancer and there was nothing they could do. Because Ranger couldn't eat dry food, Jay bought him some gourmet last meals--canned dog food--and spoon-fed him for a few days, thinking each meal might be his last. However, after about four days of this treatment, Ranger bounced back, seemingly overnight. No sore, and his energy was back. Now we've got two dogs who are addicted to canned dog food. It's a miracle!


Audrey said...

Very Cute! It won't be long now until she is talking and saying, "Dada" She looks so big compared to Kerrigan!

Anonymous said...

She's so cute! I like the part when she gets kind of mad and puts her little fist in the air. :)

Anonymous said...

thats good to hear about ranger! i meant to ask you about him the other day.