23 July 2007

Claire hits the green for the first time

We had a great time tonight at a friend's birthday party, where Claire experienced her first golf course! The family lives on Silverado golf course, so we went out to hit balls around after dinner. The weather was perfect, and Claire enjoyed the soft grass and nice breeze.

Happy birthday to my brother Tyler, who turned 8 today!

We had a great weekend, driving back and forth to Atoka, where our good friends Seth and Kara Fairchild were married. Jay was in the wedding. Seth made up his "personal words" (not vows) to Kara on the spot, and then sang a song at the reception he'd written for her only a few days before! Good times. I took zero pictures of Claire at her first wedding, but she looked so cute, wearing her white Mary Janes and lace headband! We loved seeing old friends we hadn't seen in a long time, including Josh and Tiffany Howe and their four-and-a-half month old daughter, Adelida. She's about twice as big as Claire!

Last week, we also got to visit with Aunt Neila and Allie, who turned 2 just a couple months ago, and is absolutely delightful. She had just woken up from a too-short nap in this picture, but her energy picked up shortly thereafter. She loved to "love Claire."

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Anonymous said...

Claire's getting so big! She looks so cute in her little outfit at the golf course. Can't wait to see you guys when Elliot, Lissa, and Emma come!