14 July 2007

The day after shots...

Claire and I had our most traumatic experience since birth Friday: her first set of shots. It was positively awful. As I'm sure my fellow mothers know, I had to hold my child's arms down while she screamed with pain and betrayal. I do not look forward to her 8wks appointment. When we got home, I gave her some baby Tylenol, and she was fussy until she conked out for two and a half hours, an unusually long nap for the morning.

But I did get to hear how healthy Claire is! She weighs in at 12lbs 4 oz, and is 23 inches long! That puts her in the 75th percentile for height and weight, which is normal for breastfed babies, her doctor said. She's gained 4lbs 10 oz and 3 inches since birth. Everything else, except for her blocked tear duct, looked great!

Jay actually had to deal with Claire's fussiness all alone for a good part of the day. As it was a rainy day, Jay didn't miss much work while he stayed home with Claire to let me go see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix! I need to think about it a little before I say it was the best film of the series, but it was certainly awesome!


Audrey said...

And a healthy girl she IS! I am not looking forward to more shots. I wish I could say it gets easier but, it doesn't. Cute Pic!

E & L said...

I HATE shots! Getting blood drawn is far worse though, at least for Emma it was. I actually cried during that. They couldn't find her vein and it was TORTURE for all involved! Even the nurses felt really bad! But at the end Emma still managed a spirited BYE BYE!