13 March 2007

Stress level decreasing...

We made A LOT of progress on the nursery this weekend: instead of being a white room with only an elliptical in it, it is now a pink room with an assembled crib, dresser/changing table, and elliptical in it! Also, the closet is cleaned out, resulting in trips to Goodwill, the attic, and our brand-new storage closets in the garage. Jay lost a couple hundred brain cells on Saturday, what with helping his wonderful parents paint the nursery, and painting our new privacy fence. He didn't seem too worried about it.

Next up: moving the elliptical to our bedroom (which will require some rearranging) and buying a glider (thanks again, in-laws!) and a rug. Baby steps to a completed baby room!!

NAME UPDATE: Caroline is winning this one, folks! However, I've got a couple others on the horizon, so I'm changing up the poll again to get some feedback on my new current faves. We'll see if C.C. still emerges victorious. Funny thing: In Sunday's Durant paper, there were not one, but TWO little Ava baby pictures, including one Ava Claire!

Also, I need to send out some virtual love to our Southeastern Savage Storm men's basketball team, since Jay and I can't be in Missouri tonight to cheer them on to a South Central Regional championship, which would send them to the Division II Elite Eight in Springfield, Mass.!


Audrey said...

Can't wait to see pics of the nursery! I look at your ticker and it says 50 days left. That freaks me out I don't know about you! :)

Audrey said...

BTW, I am still on for Ava Claire!