09 March 2007

32wks bump!

I'm a little past eight months now; I was waiting on Jay to get back from his fishing trip on the Texas/Mexico border to take the picture, and then we forgot last night, so I went ahead and took it myself today.
I'm starting to get a little nervous, as several people have surveyed my belly and said something to the effect of, "I bet you don't last eight more weeks," or they'll just give me that telltale look when I tell them my due date; the one where you can tell they're thinking, "Are you sure you're not due, like, tomorrow?" So I'm wondering how my belly can get any bigger, and also how in the world I will cope if Little Miss Mauck does decide to come a few weeks early. Her nursery is still waiting to be painted and filled with furniture, and I have only small baby gifts; no necessities like diapers, clothes, and a carseat! (Waiting on my showers to supply those items.) Ah well, spring break is week after next, so I should be able to get a lot done during that time.

As far as the ubiquitous question of how I'm doing, I'm doing great, except for normal pregnancy discomforts: heartburn/indigestion, shortness of breath, and trouble getting comfortable at night and the rest of the day. However, I'm too unprepared to be wishing this pregnancy away just yet! Weight gain is becoming more egregious: 30lbs; yikes! My staying within normal weight gain range is looking less and less likely (25-35lbs). Hmmm...perhaps my rationale for eating so many sweets these past few months (I want my daughter to be sweet!) is not going to hold up.

As you can see from our name poll, we've narrowed our choices to Ava and Caroline (that's with the hard "i"), with the middle name most likely being Claire. I'm trying to decide if I like the alliteration of Caroline Claire, but Jay likes the sporty, occasional nickname of C.C. I haven't succeeded in convincing Jay to like any of my crush names, Eliza, Emilia, or Charlotte, and he hasn't gotten me to liking Savannah, either. It's tough when we have fairly disparate tastes, to find a name we both love.


Christy Flowers said...

Kim, I totally agree...you don't have 8 weeks left in you. But you are really cute!!! Missed seeing you at church yesterday am, but was with your cousin, Cristy. We had a great time and even talked about Little Miss Mauck. BTW, Claire is great!

Anonymous said...

my how you've grown since the last time i saw you. lookin good sis!