06 March 2007

3-D Ultrasound!

That's her, folks! Maybe now that we can kind of see her face, we'll know what we should call her. You know, when you get a new puppy, you get to hang out with it a little while and decide what name suits it, but not so with babies! I suppose some people do wait a little while though, including Jay's parents, who had a girl's name all picked out for him, but when he arrived, they couldn't very well call him that. So he was nameless for a few days. I've also heard stories of people having a name picked out, and then when they saw the baby, they changed their minds. So I'm really not too worried about having a name picked out and ready to go before we go to the hospital. Kyle and Audrey, on the other hand, have had a name picked out for years! Our little girl's younger cousin will be named Kerrigan Reese, such a unique, sophistocated name.

Anyway, I teased Jay that it looks like our daughter got his round cheeks! That means Claire will be a perfect middle name for her, because Me-Maw was always telling Jay how much his round cheeks reminded her of her husband Clarence.

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