26 February 2007

Wedding in Indiana weekend!

I went to Indiana with limited battery power in my camera, so I suppose I used it all up taking pics of the boys, Tyler and Kyle, as they looked the handsomest at the wedding! (Next to the groom, my cousin Caleb, of course.) My camera was flat dead by the time we got the reception, so no pics of the fun dance that followed, either! The first picture is of Kyle and Tyler in the airport on Friday. Kyle is not just putting on that uncomfortable face, although he does have a knack for ruining pictures with his ridiculous expressions. He's laying on his skateboard, which was strapped to his backpack. This is the first of four airports we had the pleasure of visiting in three short days! Our flights were one mishap after another, but we all got to Indiana and back to Oklahoma together and safe, so that's really all that matters. If I have to go through the American Airlines automated phone system ever again, it will be too soon.
Anyway, we traded the 50 mph winds sweeping down the plains for freezing rain and temps! However, the pleasure of seeing our cousin Caleb marry the beautiful Theresa, and see Uncle Danny, Aunt Neila, and Allie during their last weekend to all be living in Indiana, AND of course see Lissa, Elliott, and adorable Emma, made it more than worth it. Kyle got to be a groomsman for the first time, and Tyler got to serve as a ringbearer for the second time, and both looked very handsome doing it! Caleb and Theresa are a beautiful couple, and the wedding was beautiful and fun! See Cousin Lissa's pics here.
The reception was at a Purdue U hall, and had music and a dance. I love dancing, but I know with my big basketball-belly (am getting more and more of these comparisons), I would look awkward, and would be highly likely to fall on my face, should the music move me to try any sudden movements. I did however manage to do the electric slide a time or two. It's fun enough just watching your family flail their arms and sway to the beats wildly.
Jay stayed home and held down the fort, and really had a great bachelor weekend playing pool, celebrating Grandma's 80th birthday at a fun family party (we hated to miss), and going to a Mavs game! He had the good fortune of getting seats right behind the cheerleaders, and he said he asked them to move so he could see the game, but alas, he just had to deal with it. Poor guy!

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Anonymous said...

I think that's the only time I saw Tyler smile the entire time he was in his tux!! Both guys indeed looked good! So glad you came...sorry for all the hassles, but it sure makes for good wedding tales! Can only imagine how the story will go in a few years!! Love, Aunt Neila