05 February 2007

28wks Bump!

Whoa, check out that basketball! Little Miss Mauck is really starting to take over, and her little bumps are now getting so strong it sometimes feels like she's playing basketball in there! She only weighs a little over two pounds, but that equals 20lbs for me. Yikes! Most women gain 11lbs during their last trimester, which starts this week.

Jay and I are still in name talks, and the frontrunner is still Ava Claire (calling her Ava), mostly because it's the only one we both like. He also likes Laurel, although I say it might be too much of a tongue-twister, and my new fave is Emilia Jayne (nn Emi), although it's very close to my new cousin's name, Amelia LiJin. Permission will be asked, Indiana Pannells, should that name move to frontrunner status!

We're also in the midst of nursery preparations: Jay is laying laminate flooring in the guest room, while the elliptical waits for a new home in the hallway. Where in our little house that thing is going to go, we're still not sure. The nursery is going to be shabby chic, with white furniture, a mixture of pink prints, and antique accessories, like hatboxes and plates. See my inspiration pic below. The bedding we got is pink toile and white chenille--so cute!!

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Lissa said...

Lookin good Mama!! I can't wait to see ya'll so soon!!