15 February 2007

Happy (belated) Valentine's Day!

Hooray for love! Jay and I had a wonderful Valentine's Day: First, I had my first teacher job interview, which I think went pretty well. When I got home, I frosted and decorated sugar cookies for Hubby and I, put the chocolates I made in these cute lil heart boxes, and set up a little Valentine's sweet feast for us.

Then we got to get dressed up to go to a cute little downtown antique shop/tea house for a sweetheart dinner, provided by Jay's thoughtful parents, Paul and Diane. The food was great (especially the chocolate lava cake!), and the atmosphere was different and special. Next we went to church, where after Bible study and devo, we hung out at the Valentine's Reception, which Diane did a great job organizing. It was so neat--lots of people brought their wedding pictures and set them on a table, and then we all tried to guess who these happy, handsome people were in the black-and-white pictures. Everything from 1950s prom pic to 1980s white tux! However, the sight of more cookies about made me sick! Our faithful song leader, Virgil, decided we should all sing "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" while holding hands with our sweethearts, which was the cheesiest, but sweetest, thing I've ever seen! Who knew Virge was so sentimental? That's what V-day can do to a guy, I guess.

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Anonymous said...

looks pretty enough to be a picture in a magazine!