27 November 2006

Mauck family Thanksgiving

Well it's back to the daily grind after a long, wonderful weekend of family, eating, traveling, fun, and relaxing. Jay and I drove with Paul and Diane to Kansas Wednesday, to the Mauck family colony in Whitewater, about 30mins north and east of Wichita. The Maucks remind me of my mom's family, the Pannells, as three generations live within 10 minutes of each other (that's Paul's brothers and their wives, the remaining grandparent, Grandma Winnie, and one grandchild and her husband and child). They also enjoy Nerts!! However, they had always played singles, but I managed to talk them into trying doubles, so it was a lot like a Pannell family evening! However, I didn't represent the Pannells very well, as Kyle and I never could pull off a victory. Next summer, we'll need a rematch.

Counting me, four of the Mauck grandchild couples are expecting babies next year, including Kyle and Audrey, Jay's middle brother and his wife! There are already seven great-grandchildren aged 1.5 to 11, so next year will be crazy!

Hubby killed a deer Thanksgiving day, so I heard "Where's Jay?" all day long! Perhaps a better question is, "What season is it?" because that always explains where Jay is! No, pretty much the two animals Jay hunts are trophy bucks and bass. He could care less about shooting birds or catching other kinds of fish.

Anyway, we managed to somehow fit a new ice chest full of deer meat, the buck's head wrapped in trash bags, all our luggage, and mine and Diane's own hunting conquests (from Kohl's and Super Target) into the back of my car Saturday morning and made it home that afternoon.

Pannell family, we're sorry we couldn't come to the Friday get-together, and we hope to see you soon!

I suppose the second trimester must be the one where you have lots of energy, because I got all my Christmas decor up over the weekend, too! I'll post some pics in the next couple days. First, I need some reindeer antlers or Santa hats to put on Shadow and Ranger. That'll fix 'em!

We go for our big ultrasound tomorrow, so the boy/girl announcement will be posted sometime tomorrow!

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Lissa said...

I'm on pins and needles!! For some reason, I predict boy!! I don't know why.