05 September 2006

Rainy Labor Day

My relaxing, rainy Labor Day was rocked a little when I heard Steve Irwin was killed doing one of his animal stunts. Was anyone else as shocked and upset as I was? I hadn't seen him around in a while, but my family were fans of his, for sure. So ironic that after all those years of messing with deadly animals, a stingray--naturally placid animals--stung him in the heart! So theatrical! This story says there's video of him actually pulling the barb out of his chest! Let's hope the news channels don't opt to air that. You know we'll have to watch, but we'll be scarred for life! Such is the responsibility of the news media.

I wrote two quick OKT stories for an ensemble piece on Favorite Neighborhoods yesterday. I wrote the ones on Durant and Lawton, and as usual, I got so drawn into the subject matter that I think they turned out good. That's the trick: you have to care about what you're writing about. If you don't care, it comes across, and the readers don't care. Writer tip of the day, free of charge!

The construction business doesn't stop for weekends or holidays so Hubby slogged around in the mud for a few hours.

Then I made rainy day potato soup--I posted the recipe on my Kitchen Adventures blog--watched a couple Felicity eps (sophomore year student council elections, when Ben is chasing Felicity while she's trying to date yucky medical dude Greg! Love it!), and did some reading for my classes.

Altogether a cozy holiday!


Lissa said...

Did you watch the Thanksgiving episode??? IS that one with Greg when Felicity kisses Nole? That is a classic.
I miss Javier. I need to watch some!! I think I may just go put my DVD in while I work on the house. THANKS KIM!

Kim said...

No, same season, just later on. And Greg is the medical guy; David is the photography guy she was dating when she "accidentally" kissed Noel.

This is at the very end of sophomore year when Ben is getting very jealous of Felicity's relationship with Greg, and then Felicity and Greg run against each other for Student Council. Ben actually interrupts one of Felicity and Greg's dates to tell her that he can't picture his life without her. I got teary-eyed!! Greg then punches him in the face, that jerk!