25 September 2006

JAM time!

Okay, this post has very little to do with my real life, but I must dish on the season premiere of the best TV comedy since Seinfeld, The Office. Here's the scoop: according to my message board sources, the British version had the Jim character transfer after he asked the Pam character out and she rejected him. HOWEVER, the office where he transferred (the Stanford office in the American version) later MERGES with the perenially low-performing original office (in Scranton). Here's the rub, IF the show continues to follow the pattern of the British version: the Jim character starts dating an officemate from his new office, and when the whole gang gets together, the Pam character is instantly jealous. Ah ha, I can't wait!! People are supposing it's that Indian-looking girl (Rashida Jones). Good times!

For anyone who may be disappointed that they didn't end up together, I offer you this: this show is a mockumentary, which means it is supposed to mimic real life as much as possible in the relationships and characters. Would we really like Pam if she ran off with Jim and dumped Roy? Plus, where would that put the show? I like this way: it continues the anticipation and it doesn't make for any bad guys. Also, how great was that of the writers to make Roy turn over a new leaf? Such conflict! Can't wait until Thursday!

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the info on the british version, those could be nice developments. i agree that jim and pam getting together at this point probably would not have flowed smoothly for the series.