29 September 2006

No more sick feelings!

Well the baby grape (that's how big it is this week) has given me a break from all the queasy feelings! Yay! Some people have told me that the prenatal vitamins calm some of that down. Ironically, it also makes me feel a little worried...I don't really feel pregnant now. However, I read the chances of miscarriage go way down after you hear the baby's heartbeat, and I did at my first appointment, at only 7wks.

We also shared the news with people at church this week. I'm only 9wks, but the news was already starting to leak out, so I thought it better to go ahead and tell people, rather than just let the news get around. Our preacher's son, who's 7, was SO excited for us! He told me, "Hurry up and get fat so you can have the baby!" One lady told me that her husband had guessed it just a few days before! I said, "Oh, I didn't think I was showing yet!" And she said he could just tell by some sort of look I had about me. That pregnancy glow, I suppose. I didn't realize I was emitting it.

We have started thinking about names, but it's so odd to talk about them with other people, because people have such different tastes in names. People inevitably have suggestions that I think are completely bizarre or way too trendy. It's kind of like when you're shopping with someone, and they hold up this shirt you would never pick out and say, "Oh, this would look so cute on you!" And I think, You see me wearing that? It's a little awkward. And then I tell them the names we like, and the response is often negative or noncommittal. I think people really just like to talk about the names they like. Here are some of the names I've heard people suggest or say they like: Brex, Boston, Kinsley, Kennedy, Charlize, Bentley. My response: You see me naming my child that? I think I'm going to start responding to the question of what names we like with, "Well if it's a girl, [your name]." And then laugh and sit back and listen to all their suggestions.

Basically, we like traditional, but unusual names. Names you recognize when you hear, but you don't hear very often. Almost old-fashioned names. NO made-up names. Here are the ones I like now (but who knows in a couple months?): Meredith, Jocelyn, and Mallory for girls, and Lucas and Dawson for boys.

Sorry if you're afraid to leave feedback on these names after my little rant about people only liking their own suggestions. From you, loved ones, feedback and suggestions are welcome!


Lissa said...

Elliott says he likes Mallory...Mallory Mauck.

Audrey said...

My only advice is tell people your names you are considering because they will make up nicknames for you. And you may not like them. We really liked the name Harrison but people said what will you call him "Harry" Well no we would call him Harrison. But, the more we thought about it we weren't comfortable shortening it to Harry. Also, with Mauck as such a strong name you have to be sure it sounds good. We liked Ross but, Ross Mauck doesn't sound right. Sorry so long! Good Luck!