28 November 2005

My first real job!!

Hello faithful readers! I'm now counting the minutes I have remaining as an employee of the Durant Area Chamber of Commerce. Only five more days of answering telephones and doing mailings! (That's really not all I do here;) I start Thursday at Gear UP at SOSU!! It's still pending some signatures from the higher-ups, but Sandy Decker, the Gear UP director, basically told me that's all we're waiting on! It's actually a full-time, professional position. My title will be Information Technology Coordinator for the Gear UP program. For those of you not familiar with the Oklahoma educational system, Gear UP is a college prepatory program created especially for low-income students who might not consider post-secondary education an option. My position sounds like I'll be a computer guru, and I will be working on the Gear UP webpage, but mostly I'll be doing public relations: press releases, brochures, newsletters, etc. I'm really excited about it! It should be a great place to get some much-needed experience in the field and learn if PR is what I want to do.

On the marriage front, Jay is in the midst of basketball season, so lots of traveling. They had a tournament over Thanksgiving (No, family members, he was NOT in the deerwoods just for the fun of it, and no they didn't give him an option of not going to this tournament over the holiday.), so Shadow and I spent three nights at Mom's. Way too much food and just enough family! When I talked to Jay Thursday night, he asked me to tell him what all I had eaten that day. Poor guy! They had Thanksgiving dinner at Golden Corral! Meanwhile, I had three consecutive meals of Thanksgiving...bleh. I really don't like Jay being gone so much, but it's all part of the job, I guess. I hate when he misses family events, mostly because everyone seems to think, as I indicated above, that he just chooses to do more fun things than hang out with my family. I suppose his having a fishing tournament the day of Cristy's wedding didn't help matters too much. I got so sick of saying, "It's a tournament he and all his college buddies have every year, and this year a guy from Minnesota flew in for it..." They literally had it scheduled before Cristy had her wedding scheduled; that's how big a deal it was. But hey, he made it for the family picture and wedding, and still managed to get back in time to win the tournament!

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