26 January 2006

Action-packed life

Sorry it's been a while everyone!

I'm now gainfully employed for SOSU as Information Technology Coordinator for the GEAR UP Partnership. GEAR UP is an acronym for Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs. We help high school kids prepare for college! I'm loving it! So busy I can hardly think straight! There's my office! (It needs some wall art, I know!)

Last night, Jay and I went to OKC to watch the Hornets/Spurs game at the Ford Center. We scored some free season tickets from one of Jay's rich Edmond contacts, so we were like 20 fee behind the Spurs bench! Hornets lost, and no Eva Longoria sighting, so it was a little disappointing in the end, but all around lots of fun. Shoutout to all the Edmond people we saw last night!!

Get this: Jay and I are dragging home in that weird vehicular state when you've been sitting down so long you feel full of energy and dead tired at the same time, and we're driving through Kingston when we see a cop. Don't worry, Jay wasn't speeding; we could actually see the cop's face for a split second, and J knew the guy--he sold him a house. I'm kinda like Hmph, and then after five minutes, he's still following us. Then his lights come on! I instinctually asked J if he was speeding , but it turned out to be a bored policeman friend who just wanted to chit-chat at midnight on the side of the road! It was a good conversation, but when we pulled out, J groaned and said, "You can't really not pull over when a cop turns on his lights..." and then headed for the house.

I'm going to take a digital pic of our doggies and post it...they're what makes our house a madhouse! We've just picked up another stray, a little cowdog mix (little now, but will be BIG) that is absolutely adorable. We named him Ranger b/c of his black mask markings. And we still have good ol' Shadow, who thankfully is no longer able to court all the ladies on the block all night long. Thank you, Dr. Frieda!

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