18 February 2009

Fancy Nancy!

It's official; Claire needs to stay this age forever! Or for a long time anyway! She's so much fun. She's started putting two words together, as in, "Horse, grass," when we see a horse eating grass, or "Hucky. Shadow," when she's guessing the reason Huck, our cat, is not in the garage, or "Papaw. Dada. Boat," when she's wishing she could be fishing! For some reason, I talked to her the other day about fishing with Daddy and Papaw in the summer, and she kept repeating this.

We checked the first Fancy Nancy book out of the library the other day, and she has been reading it repeatedly every day! The way she reads is just precious: she likes to be under the covers with a pile of books next to her--I taught her well! She just turns the pages and points out a couple things on each page, like in Fancy Nancy: "Ancy-ancy. Necklace." "Ancy-ancy. room." "Ancy-ancy. Eat. Pizza." And she likes her privacy when she's reading, too! The other day, I tried to sit down next to her while she was reading another fave, Cordoroy, and she said, "Back!" over and over until I stood up, and then waved and said, "Bye-bye." As Stephanie Tanner would say, how rude! I tried to wait until I left the room to laugh. Her other favorite books are Where the Wild Things Are, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, and If You Give a Moose a Muffin. She also likes Ladybug Girl. I think for her b-day, we're going to request books only! That's her favorite thing to play with, especially if she's having to entertain herself.

My camera is broken, so these pics are kind of old. Here's an example of Claire reading. You can tell she's looking at me like, "Would you please leave me alone?"


Amanda said...

of course she loves to read! takes after you :)

your next one will be little boy that will be just the opposite, more like jay i bet.

glad you updated!

Audrey said...

So fun!