12 December 2008

Christmas shopping + 19-month-old - Stroller = NIGHTMARE!

Dividends of the above equation:
  1. A broken glass jar at Hobby Lobby: She stayed in the cart the entire time, until I was checking out and let her down for a minute, and this is what happens.
  2. Jewelry case as ice skate: While I was perusing jewelry in Dillard's, Claire found a padded leather jewelry drawer organizer conveniently located on a low shelf, pulled it down, and stuck her foot in it for some one-legged carpet-skating.
  3. Rearrangement of Dillard's shoe display
And the grand finale, folks.....drum roll, if you please...

4. Claire and me as new parts of the Victoria's Secret display window: You know those pink spotted dogs Victoria's Secret has in its PINK display windows? Yeah, Claire darted through a rack of PINK sweats, climbed up on top of the 2-foot platform in the display window, and was patting the dog when I found her, and laughing maniacally when she realized she'd been found.


Audrey said...

I feel your pain. Just add a 4 year old in the mix. I did lots of online shopping this year :)

Lissa said...

Emma broke a glass jar at Hobby Lobby last year!!!

Amanda said...

sounds like a comedy routine!