11 December 2008

Christmas hullabaloo!

Sorry about the lag in posting. Even though I do live the luxurious life of a SAHM, I still get busy! Or I just prefer spending off-time playing with Claire to posting to my blog.

Here's a vid of Claire reading. I had the sheets thrown back to air them out yesterday morning, and Claire gathered up three of her favorite books and went and cozied up on top of the pillows and sheets and started reading!

Anyway, after finishing up a writing assignment this week, I realized I only have a few short weeks to prep my curriculum and syllabus for my SOSU class, so I've been working on that everyday, with frequent breaks for last-minute online shopping of course.

Here's Claire, enjoying an afternoon cookie after coming in from outside, which explains her flyaway hair! She pulled herself and the saucer up on the couch all by herself! Reminds me of myself, enjoying a cookie in comfort!

Claire makes her funny face while riding "Minga," named after a horse on Sesame Street.


Lissa said...

That was so cute! At the end I could really hear the rhythm of Brown Bear Brown Bear what do you see? (That is the last book she was holding right??) WAY TO GO CLAIRE!!

Audrey said...

So Sweet!