05 June 2008


Here's an example of Claire pushing boundaries:

Claire pulls a pack of gum out of my purse, something she knows she is not allowed to play with. I see her from the couch, where I'm reading as usual, and say in my warning voice, "Claire..." She turns quickly and says, "Nuh-Nuh." Sometimes she makes it into a game, sticking something in her mouth, grinning and watching me, and saying "Nuh-Nuh!"

I'm working on weaning her, and have fairly successfully replaced the afternoon nursing that I had been doing when I got home from school with a sippy cup of cow's milk. At first, she just let it run out of her mouth and gave me this look like, "What are you trying to feed me, woman?" So like the slavishly devoted, yet also cunning, mother I am, I tried warming it, adding honey, spooning it in her mouth, and then pouring it into a cup, which seemed to sufficiently trick her. Now she drinks it cold just fine.

She just finished up her week of mornings with Nana and Grandad, which seemed to go pretty well, except at the beginning of the week, she was pretty cranky and a little feverish. She's getting two teeth at once right now.

Jay and I will begin our fourth anniversary extravaganza this weekend, when we go to the Sand Bass festival in Madill, the site of our first unofficial date. We'll introduce Claire to the joys of mullet-counting! We won't really have much of an anniversary celebration, if you couldn't detect my sarcasm. We're going to Destin with my family at the end of the month, and we don't really want to leave Claire for a night yet (pumping tends to extinguish the romance, I've found).


Lissa said...

HAHA!! I'll bet we could challenge your mullet counting with the Muncie Walmart. You crack me up!

Dani said...

Ahhhh...so Claire is a crafty one! hahahaha!

not so zen momma said...

Nice to see I am not alone.

Van likes to push his boundaries by playing the dog's water bowl. Lets just say he as splashes and dunks at any opportunity while telling you "No no." He has turned it to a game too.