15 June 2008

Big weekend, no pics!

Well we had a fun day yesterday, but no pics to show for it! Jay, Claire and I went to Edmond for Kerrigan's first birthday party. Lots of fun--loved Carson helping her unwrap presents: "Here baby sister, don't you love it?" Then we went and saw babies! Jay's college and fishing buddy, Nate Myers, and his wife Ashley just had a baby last Sunday, Miley Rae. We stopped by there, and then headed to the Norman hospital to see my cousin Dani and her new baby, Molly Rose! They're just like baby dolls that make all these hilarious expressions! It's weird to think Claire was that little, but at the same time it's weird to think it's already been a year since she was born. After eating some din in Norman, we headed home. Poor Claire did not sleep the whole way home, even though she'd only had two 30-minute naps the whole day! She was protesting her car seat. I hate to think how she'll do with our 12-hour drive to Florida in a couple weeks.

We've been taking it easy today, recovering.

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Dani said...

Thank you for coming to the hospital to visit us!! It's always great to see your fam..Claire is such a cutie..Luke found her very entertaining and adorable..we are looking forward to Molly being that age!