22 August 2006

Life in the fast lane

Well, school is back in session, so I guess I've been too busy to post! Really, I'm devoting so much thought to education that I've been posting on my this little light of mine blog more than anything else.

Well, I took Ranger to get him fixed, the poor mutt. He hasn't chewed up any books or shoes since, although he's still acting like a nutcase when company comes over.

I had a harrowing experience today when I got fingerprinted at the Bryan County Jail. (Not only is it filled with druggies and thiefs, said criminals also regularly bust out of this shoddy establishment. See stories about the frightening joke of Bryan County here, here, and here.) Fingerprinting is now a requirement for teacher candidates--we have to get background checks through the OSBI and the FBI before we can be put in charge of the little darlings.

Hubby is building houses in Calera, Kingston, and soon, Ardmore. You'd think I would see him more since he quit one of his jobs, but I feel like I see him less. He goes to Ardmore about once a week to move along their project there, and stays out 'til dark most other days. Unless it's too hot. He'll sometimes come home for a break on these triple-digit days.

I guess that's my life right now...Have a great day, readers!

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