04 August 2006

10 years since Hubby graduated!

Jay and I attended his 10-year high school reunion last weekend, much to his chagrin. It's not that he doesn't enjoy seeing his old buddies; he does. I think it's the idea of planning on attending a dinner three weeks in advance that bothers him. I kept bugging him about whether or not he was going to RSVP when the deadline was approaching, and he kept waffling. I finally just e-mailed an RSVP for us both, and didn't make J think about it until the day before. Then he doesn't mind so much.

Anyway, Jay had some really nice people in his class--I've only met one girl, and the guys I've met have all been so friendly and funny and interesting. Apparently someone else thought this class was noteworthy--someone videotaped them every year of their elementary and high school career! That video was played at the reunion during our dinner, so we were treated to elementary school plays (loved the Robin Hood in a green dress thing and tube socks), basketball games (just look for the fast, little one who kept sinking baskets--that's J!), and graduations. Fun! After dinner one of Jay's classmates treated us to some guitar playing and singing. Eric is a great singer, and I loved his little sidekicks he would do sometimes for emphasis. Jay tries to do the little sidekicks whenever I have music playing at home, and it's really just embarrassing.

This week has been pretty same ol', same ol'. I've had a big design project at work, so I've actually been kind of busy.

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