03 July 2006

Family on the First of July

I have not a single photo of the fabulous weekend that just transpired. My mom's three brothers and sister and their children (except for two-missed you Dani and Dave!) all came in for the weekend. In that family, there's no such thing as a family lunch--the Fourth and Christmas are always at least a three-day family get-together: meals together everyday, games every night, lots of food food food! Great times. I got to see my new second cousin, Emma Grace, who is totally beautiful.

I believe that the more my mom sees other young couples, such as my cousin and her husband, or a couple at our church, with babies, the more she subliminally urges me to get pregnant. I can't even imagine my mom as a grandmama (or whatever she would be called). She's got a six-year-old, for crying out loud! But that's beside the point. The real question is, are Jay and I ready to be parents? Or...is this blog ready for a new name? Well anyway, rest assured family, Jay and I are thinking over these ideas.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Kim,
What's this about not being able to see your Mom as a grandmama?? Some of us were young mamas and we're going to be young grammies too!! I'm glad you and Jay are mulling over this possibility! I personally think Emma is a pretty convincing advertisement for families!! We'll be ecstatic if/when there is a little Mauck, and your mom joins the league of old moms/young grammies!

Meme (a title I'm thrilled to have)
AKA Aunt Neila (who can't wait to be an old mama again!)