21 March 2010

My little Disney billboard

At this point, Claire is wearing a Princess and the Frog T-shirt, Belle sunglasses, Tinkerbell socks, Cinderella panties, and carrying a princess purse. The tutu and pants are the only neutral items. These princesses are inescapable! It's like if I hold up two shirts, asking Claire to pick which one to wear or buy, and one of them has princesses on it, and one has butterflies, she will pick Belle every time. Same with Dora, and even shows she doesn't watch that often, like Ni Hao, Kai-Lan! That recognition reflex has already kicked in--goes to show how powerful it can be when it comes to advertising, even in adults!

Here's my girls in our new double stroller, a fab gift from the hostesses of our baby shower at church. If only Claire would be in a walking mood more often--pushing both of them is a good workout! Usually after her nap, she needs to chill and play for a little while before she's ready to be very active, and when she's ready to go, it's getting dark and/or time to make dinner. With daylight savings, that's changing though, and we're pushing dinner back in favor of outside time. Our new favorite activity is kicking around a soccer ball, with me holding Anna in my Baby Bjorn.

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