18 June 2009

Not feeling too good!

I think Claire must be cutting a molar; she's been running around a 101 temp since last night. I started asking her if she felt hot or sick throughout the day just to gauge how she felt, so now she's started saying it. "I hot, Mama. I sick." It's so sad! This evening, I was trying to do a quick phone interview while she sat on the floor reading a book. We had talked about her being quiet before I made the call. ("Mommy's needs to make a phone call; what do you need to do?" Claire: "I be ki-et.") But during the call, she climbs up on the couch next to me and sits with her head on my shoulder. No harm done so far. Then she starts to cough a little. Then she turns her head and coughs right into my ear, and right into the phone. Then she says, again, right into the phone: "I cough, Mama. I need med-cine." The lady I was interviewing at this fancy restaurant goes, "Uh-oh, I heard that!" Oh, the perils of being a work-at-home mom!

Here's hoping Claire's little tooth comes through so she can go back to normal. Tonight we ran over to Matt and Kim's house to drop off stuff for their garage sale, and I told Claire several times that we wouldn't get to stay long because we didn't want to get Katelyn sick, like Claire. So she was so good when we left after only a little bit--just frowning and quietly saying, "I sick, Mama. Don't get Tatie sick." But on the way home, she started saying, "I see Tatie in morning." I don't know where she got that! But we're going to try to go hang out during the garage sale if Claire feels up to it.

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