21 March 2009

About DWTS posts

To my DWTS readers: I have to submit my posts on Blogcritics for approval before they're actually posted, so I'm sorry I can't post a direct link to my post the night of the show.

But what you can do is go to Blogcritics on Tuesday after the show, scroll down the list of contributors on the right side of the page below the highlights box at the top, and click on my name. Then you can click on the most recent DWTS post. I know my DWTS readers like to read the post the night of the show or the next morning, and sadly, that night is probably not going to be possible anymore, since I usually don't watch the show until I after I put Claire down, and so by the time I get done writing my post, it's usually midnight, and then it doesn't actually get approved and posted until even later that night or in the morning.

And I love responses and comments! I read all of them, and your comments will encourage others to comment as well, so please do! You don't have to register or anything.


Audrey said...

Lick Shawn's armpits? EWWWW! O guess you get some super weirdo comments on blogs like that.

Amanda said...

having just returned from my vacation and got to watch the show online, i just got to enjoy your commentary. :)