04 January 2009

Still no time!

You'd think things would have slowed down around here, but it's been nonstop since Christmas for us! Claire and I just got back yesterday afternoon from a trip to eastern Oklahoma with my sister and younger brother, Amanda and Tyler, for a story I'm writing for MetroFamily magazine on exploring Oklahoma with kids. That area is so fun, because everything you do is outside and thus, cheap and wholesome! I highly recommend especially the Beavers Bend State Park to families! Tons of cabins to choose from, plus some great bed and breakfasts, and the Lakeview Lodge inside the park, which I'm told is very nice. If anyone would like some tips, please e-mail me!

I loaded a bunch of pics onto my Facebook from our trip, so please check them there. Claire is going to wake up any minute, and I've got to take down Christmas decorations before I leave this afternoon to go see the Dancing with the Stars tour in Dallas with Amanda and Mom (a surprise Christmas gift from Amanda!)!!

Also, Christmas was great of course, although my camera's flash quit working, so I only got pics in very bright conditions. Which means NONE on Christmas morning at our house, except for maybe some with Jay's iPhone. *fingers crossed* I also uploaded what little pics I got from Christmas onto Facebook.

This whole month is going to be hectic for me, what with story deadlines and the beginning of my first semester as a college instructor, so I probably won't be posting much, except for when I'm procrastinating, like now!!


Lissa said...

Haven't heard an update in a while! Is this the week you start your class? :) Hope all goes well.

Amanda said...

seriously, this was a long time ago. you need to post again

Lissa said...

I miss your blogs. :(