13 May 2008

She's walking!

Claire took her first steps about three weeks ago, which I neglected to mention on here for some reason! Anyway, it's been amazing to see her gain confidence and enjoy her newfound skill. She's thrilled with herself, and we're thrilled to see our little drunken sailor become more independent!

Here, you see her getting into my purse to get out one of her favorite things, a pack of gum. She'll actually unwrap a piece and chew off a little bit if I let her. But you can tell that she's been told no with this before by her response when I ask her what she has: first a michevious grin, then a naughty giggle, then pants of excitement.


E & L said...

Emma LOVES this video of Claire. We seriously watched it 5 times in a row and she was sad when I said no more! :)

Audrey said...

Way to go, Claire! Carson loved watching her. She looks like an old pro at it!