02 December 2007

Christmastime is here!

Hooray for a productive weekend at home! It's been a long time since I've had nothing to do on Saturday or Sunday, so this weekend was bliss!Well, I did have to prepare the meat for our visitors meal after church, but that's something I can do on my own schedule. I got down all my Christmas stuff, and put up our first ever full-size Christmas tree, an after-Christmas sale I bought last year! It was so easy to put up, a pre-lit 7.5-footer in three pieces, although my wrists and hands bear marks of my fluffing efforts. I still need to get a topper and a skirt, but I'm pretty proud of it for now! I bought a package of glittery snowflakes and icesicles for half-off at Hobby Lobby last week, and those covered a lot of tree!

As you can see from these pics, Claire has recently decided the camera is her friend. Whenever I turn it on in the last couple weeks, she grins so big! She's also getting really stable on her feet, and will even sidestep a little, moving from object to object, or along a couch.

1 comment:

E & L said...

Your tree is beauTIFUL!!
But not nearly as beautiful as your daughter. I can't wait to see that sweet Claire again! It's been way too long!
Love you guys!!