06 August 2007

Fun with family!

Claire and I had a full weekend of family! Thursday night, Jay's brother Brian, his wife Jennifer, and their kids Zach and Abby came down to meet Claire. Zach was very good at making Claire laugh, and Abby is good at getting her relaxed and sleepy.

Friday, My cousin Lissa, her husband Elliott, and their adorable 16-month-old daughter Emma came down from Indiana for a few days. Also my Aunt Neila, Uncle Danny, and their adorable 2-year-old, Allie! Emma loved to be near her cousin Claire, as you can see in her blog post about this meeting.

We filled up Mom's pool about to capacity, played Nerts (those darn Indianans have been practicing!), and had lots of good talks about parenthood. Lissa and Elliott celebrated their anniversary while they were here by sharing a blizzard at the Dairy Queen.

Jay didn't get to come, as he and Preston just bought a restaurant. Jay was literally cooking food for paying customers. Scary! So everyone go to the Burger Shoppe in Kingston to eat a delicious burger or chicken strip basket! Preston is actually a really good fry cook, so Jay is learning. They'll hire a manager soon, so they will not be doing the dirty work for very long. Fine time for Jay to be helping out at the restaurant though, when I'm starting school! August 13 is the first day for teachers, and the kids start August 16. I'm hard at work writing an Oklahoma Today story about blogs (so I figured a break from writing to post to one of my blogs was quite appropriate).

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