17 April 2006

Croquet, Candy, and Cousins!

Here's a glimpse of our Easter weekend activities. Jay's family gatherings work totally differently from mine, so he's still getting used to dedicating an entire day to family for major holidays. We were at my aunt and uncle's house from noon to 9 p.m.: ate two meals, played two marathon games of croquet, played Spades and Taboo, and watched home movies. We didn't both do all these things, but this is what kept both of us busy the whole time. Tons of fun! The top photo is Jay and my brother Tyler; the next one is the remaining egg-hunters: Ty and our cousins Holly, Jenny, and Mattie; next is my brother Kyle and mom playing some croquet; and last is a highly rare photo of my Grandad smiling with teeth (!) and Mattie playing outside.

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Anonymous said...

I'm posting this really late, but it was good to see pics of all the cousins! I miss everyone! Plus Nana sent us a pic from Easter, but it was very distorted. Dani's face was really amusing. Actually everyone looked very strange. This is how strange. My dad and I were looking together and I said, "Woah, look at Dani." And he said, "Dani's not in this." I said, "Yeah she is, " and pointed. He said, "Woah, she's changed." Happy Belated Easter from the Indiana folk.