14 September 2005

HOT TUB (gonna make ya sweat!)

Hey people! Sorry it's been a while. I'm sure you've all been waiting for baited breath for this very moment--a new post! Anyhoo, the big news in my life is that Hubby and I just bought a brand-new, super-sweet, ah-so-lovely-feeling, hot tub (That's not it at the right; just a random one I found on the Internet...but you get the idea!)! We've been getting in it every night since we got it--well since we filled it up anyway. Friends and loved ones, come and join us! It's really funny, b/c last night Jay and I were in there, and at some point, I noticed I'd been talking almost nonstop ever since we got in about a hundred different things on my mind: job switch, my theory on J's chubby cheeks (when his hair grows out, his cheeks appear smaller; he just got a haircut, so they look quite cherub-like again. You say chipmunk, I say cherub:), my theory on the relationships of our friends, etc. "This is so cool, because we can get in here and just talk every night," I said. "Yeah," Jay said, and kept messing with his jets. "Or, I can talk, and you can fiddle with the hot tub!" which is basically what was happening all evening. But he listens, so it's all good! (Guy readers-kyle-are like uh, no he doesn't.)

Okay, so let me say that last night's Rock Star: INXS was flippin' awesome! I think I might actually be rooting for JD the monster-jerk now! I think he's been characterized that way on the show, but really, he's a typical, driven, egotistical lead singer-type. Pretty Vegas made me dance all over the living room, with Shadow barking at me like I'd gone mad. And then Money!! But, Marty's perfs of Trees and Villain were both pretty suh-weet! (Bonus points to anyone who can identify where that word comes from!)

One more reality TV comment and then I'll quit: Janelle is going to win BB6! I have this feeling. If she can get Ivette to be the last woman standing with her, she just might have it in the bag, as many people as Ivette has offended and annoyed, even within the Friendsheep. Mark my words!!

Shoutout to lil bro Kyle this week, as he will be turning 17 on Friday! Love you, brother!

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